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Monetization platform

Monetizr is an in-game rewards platform that enables game developers to earn the greatest possible return on their in-app ad inventory. With Monetizr tools developers can setup the monetization process, manage integrations, filter campaigns and activate ad placements.

Easy & up-to-date SDK

All you need is to submit your app and download our SDK. Check out our latest video on how easy it is to include Monetizr SDK into your Unity project.

Brands integration into the gameplay

Monetizr platform performs brand and game publisher matchmaking. Innovative brands use Monetizr's services to create meaningful, engagement-driven campaigns to become a native part of games. It's a new medium to drive purchases, foot traffic, or subscriptions.

Players complete branded missions and can be rewarded with the in-game rewards and giveaways available in campaigns (

Ready-to-use components

Monetizer make monetization easy for developers. Our SDK includes default templates of each of the components. All you need is to connect Monetizr ad placements into your UNITY project!

Not another ad network

With Monetizr branded rewarded missions the gameplay will not be interrupted by the traditional static ads. At Monetizr we've spoken to hundreds of game developers for desktop and mobile platforms. Takeaway - traditional ad formats are way too intrusive and interrupt the gameplay experience. That kind of ads provides no extra value for both advertisers and game studios. This is where Monetizr comes in. We'll give you options to blend branded campaigns into the gameplay to create a 7-star player experience.

You can also use Monetizr to motivate players to do high-value actions such as game achievements, level completions or In-App Purchases. Reward players with branded power-ups, coupons, giveaways or your custom gear.