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A simple website built using WordPress and the Themosis framework.
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Themosis framework

Themosis framework is a tool to help you develop websites and web applications faster using WordPress. Using an elegant and simple code syntax, Themosis framework helps you structure and organize your code and allows you to better manage and scale your WordPress websites and applications.

Themosis framework uses “modern” PHP features like anonymous functions, namespaces, is Composer ready and is a mix between WordPress best practices and let’s say a typical MVC framework.

The Themosis framework is born to give WordPress developers the development joy found in the Laravel framework to WordPress development. As WordPress developers, you are happy by definition. Now with the Themosis framework you'll be happier and you'll be able to provide more features to your projects in less time.

Official documentation

The documentation is available on the Themosis framework website.


The framework was created by Julien Lambé, who continues to lead the development.

Contributing to Themosis

All issues and pull requests should be filled on the themosis/framework repository.


The Themosis framework is open-source software licensed under GPL-2+ license.

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