Automatic scroll-to-bottom directive for vue.
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A plugin for Vue.js 2 that scrolls to the bottom of an element when new content is added within said element. Check out our lovely demo.


  • NPM / Yarn Run npm install --save vue-chat-scroll, or yarn add vue-chat-scroll

  • With Modules

// ES6
import Vue from 'vue'
import VueChatScroll from 'vue-chat-scroll'

// ES5
var Vue = require('vue')
  • <script> Include

Just include ./dist/vue-chat-scroll.js after Vue itself.


There's nothing you need to do in JavaScript except for installation. To use the plugin, simply use the v-chat-scroll directive.

<ul class="messages" v-chat-scroll>
  <li class="message" v-for="n in messages">{{ n }}</li>

Prevent scroll down when user has scrolled up & smooth scrolling

Alternatively, you can pass a config value to the directive:

<ul class="messages" v-chat-scroll="{always: false, smooth: true}">
  <li class="message" v-for="n in messages">{{ n }}</li>

Scroll with dissapearing elements in chat window (see #30)

If you have a "loading" animation that disappears when you receive a message from an external source, use the scrollonremoved option to ensure the scroll will happen after the element has been removed

<ul class="messages" v-chat-scroll="{always: false, smooth: true, scrollonremoved:true}">
  <li class="message" v-for="n in messages">{{ n }}</li>
  <li v-if="loading">&bull;&bull;&bull;</li>