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    Pod::Inherit - auto-create pod sections listing inherited methods

      use Pod::Inherit;

      my $config = { 
        out_dir => "/usr/src/perl/dbix-class/bast/DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/doc",
        input_files => ['/usr/src/perl/dbix-class/bast/DBIx-Class/0.08/trunk/lib/'],
        skip_underscored => 1,
        class_map => 
              "DBIx::Class::Relationship::HasMany" => "DBIx::Class::Relationship", 
              "DBIx::Class::Relationship::HasOne" => "DBIx::Class::Relationship", 
              "DBIx::Class::Relationship::BelongsTo" => "DBIx::Class::Relationship", 
              "DBIx::Class::Relationship::ManyToMany" => "DBIx::Class::Relationship", 
              "DBIx::Class::ResultSourceProxy" => "DBIx::Class::ResultSource",
              "DBIx::Class::ResultSourceProxy::Table" => "DBIx::Class::ResultSource",

      my $pi = Pod::Inherit->new( $config );

    Ever written a module distribution with base classes and dependencies,
    that had the pod for the various methods next to them, but hard to find
    for the user of your modules? Ever wished POD could be inheritable? Now
    it can.

    This module will load each of the classes in the list of input files or
    directories given (default: @ARGV), auto-discover which methods each
    class provides, locate the actual class the method is defined in, and
    produce a list in pod.

    The resulting documentation is written out to a separate .pod file for
    each class (.pm) encountered. The new file contains the original POD
    from the Perl Module file, plus a section called "INHERITED METHODS".
    The new section lists each class that the current class inherits from,
    plus each method that can be used in the current class as a result.

    By default, methods beginning with an underscore, "_" are skipped, as by
    convention these are private methods.

    Arguments: \%config
    Return value: Pod::Inherit object

    Create a new Pod::Inherit object.

    The config hashref can contain the following keys:

        Default: true.

        Do not display inherited methods that begin with an underscore. Set
        to 0 to display these as well.

        Default: @ARGV

        Arrayref of directories to search for .pm files in, or a list of .pm
        files or a mixture.

        Default: Same as input_files

        A directory to output the results into. If not supplied, the .pod
        file is created alongside the .pm file it came from.

        Default: none

        A hashref of key/value string pairs. The keys represent classes in
        which inherited methods will be found, the values are the classes
        which it should link to in the new pod for the actual pod of the

        Some distributions will already have noticed the plight of the
        users, and documented the methods of some of their base classes
        further up the inheritance chain. This config option lets you tell
        Pod::Inherit where you moved the pod to.

    Arguments: none
    Return value: none

    Run the pod creation stage.

    The semantics of the $docmap argument need to go something like this: -
    Something being in the docmap means that it will be documented, even if
    it starts with an underscore, or would otherwise be skipped. - If the
    value is '1', then that's the only effect; it will be documented as
    being where it is. - Otherwise, the value is the name of the module that
    it should be documented as if it was in. - That module needs to show up,
    even if it isnt really in the inheritence tree at all. - It should show
    up after the real modules that actually exist.

  Inline configuration
    As well as passing explicit configuration options to "new", you can also
    leave Pod::Inherit hints in your actual code. To define in a class that
    all methods with a leading underscore should be included when listing
    methods in that module, use the following snippet in your code:

      our %_pod_inherit_config = ( skip_underscored => 0 );

    James Mastros <>