Build information around the Boldport Club project 17 - MOSTAP
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Build information around the Boldport Club project 17 - MOSTAP -- or this is how I did it, step by step... 😃


Under the hood

The pieces

Pile of pieces Next to each other

Here I clipped the the paper strips off to avoid messing up the legs and ordered them:

Stripped and ordered components

Next I prepared the 1M and 10M resistors by bending the legs directly at the body:

Bent 1M and 10M resistors

The works

As usual the mounting order with through hole components is from lowest to highest profile. I made two slight exceptions for the straight connections (for which I needed the clippings which I didn't have yet) and the diodes which require special care while bending to get the right length...

First I started by placing the 1M and 10M resistors into the right holes:

Placed 1M and 10M resistors

Then I bent the pins on the solder side of the board to keep them in place:

Pins bent to keep resistors in place

Then I prepared the diodes with the help of a stack of PCBs:

Diodes bent around a stack of PCBs The bent diodes

The parts are kept in place using high-end "Kepton" tape:

Kepton taped components

** Make sure to the values correct before soldering **

Then I clipped the pins as close as possible to the board before soldering in the hope to get some dome-ing on...

Clipped pins

Next was some basic soldering to keep the components in place:

First round of soldering

Then I could bend the clippings for the 5 straight connections (again utilising the stack of PCBs):

Bent jumper links

Work in progress after putting in the bridges:


I had to use a lot of flux to make the copper solderable...

The fluxxer...

First row of solder joints properly done...

First row of solder joints

And more fluxing:

The fluxxer, part 2...

Second row was very problematic; I actually had to use a small screw driver to scratch off some solder mask around the holes to make them solderable... Also note how the flux changes the tone of the pads...

Soldering impossible

After plenty of scraping and fluxing (gave up the idea of creating domes):

Soldering made possible

Next the sockets:

Sockets are in

Then the capacitors (make sure to use the right values):

Caps are in

Then the transistors (check the markings on the board):

Trannies are in

I clipped two pins at the board and kept one in case I needed to adjust it. (The "goo" is Löthonig which I also tested here, looks crazy but is really good 👍):

Preparing for the next round of solder

Soldering is done, MOSFETs put in:

Soldering done

Toothbrush and alcohol cleanup:

Toothbrush and alcohol cleanup

Additional swabbing:

Additional swabbing

The final product

Component side

Solder side

Testing with with p13 "cordwood-too":

Cordwood 1 Cordwood 2