National Parks front end and backend service for use in Mongo. This is the Java version of the web service
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National Parks and Historic Locations

Leaflet mapping front end with a JaxRS and MongoDB back end.

The front page with the leaflet example is in src/main/webapp/index.html

Take a look at this file to see the web services and MongoDB queries: /src/main/java/org/openshift/webservice/

A live demo is available here:

Instant Provisioning on OpenShift

To deploy a clone of this application using the rhc command line tool, type:

rhc app create parks jbossas-7 mongodb-2.4 --from-code=

Or, link to a web-based clone+deploy on OpenShift Online or your own open cloud:

Setting up Git-based collaboration with OpenShift

The above rhc app create command provides an easy way to complete each of the following tasks in a single step:

  1. Check out a local clone of this project source:

     git clone
  2. Create a new OpenShift app with JBoss7 and MongoDB (add --no-git, since we already have our source):

     rhc app create parks jbossas-7 mongodb-2.4 --no-git

    Note: This step can also be completed using the OpenShift web interface.

  3. Add the resulting git repo url to your local project:

     git remote add parks ssh://YOUR_APPS_GIT_REMOTE_URL
  4. Push your application source to OpenShift (include -f on the first push):

     git push -f parks master

Deploying WAR and EAR files

Information how to deploy pre-compiled java apps is available online: