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DayZ Reality is no longer supported

You will no longer receive any support from me on Reality. We are shutting down the project and working on a new Hive scheme that will support all functionality of Reality and allow for greater functionality in the future.

DayZ Reality Private Server

This is a private server project for DayZ which would not be possible without the work of Rocket, Guru Abdul and ayan4m1.
NOTE: No support is implied or offered for pirated copies of ArmA 2.

Support Requests

We are moving to community support for this, Please go to the following forum for any and all support requests.

Reality Builder Auto Updater

We have created an updater for the software. This will allow the users to get the latest supported software from the system without having to go through github. This updater will only download the most current stable version available. Users may still use the github which will have the absolute latest version, but is only recommended for advanced users and users who will be doing pull requests to the system. With the auto updater you can ensure that the latest supported version will be available for your user.

Download the Reality Builder Auto updater here

After download, run it and it will install to the c:\RealityBuilder file location.


Visit the Wiki

Github Version Date

a new file has been added to the repository to assist in identifying which version you are using. repository_version.txt will always contain the date of the last repository upload. This will ensure that the local repository you are using is up to date.

New Build Parameters

serveradminpassword ( Example: --serveradminpassword serverspassword )
serverpassword ( Example: --serverpassword serverspassword )
servername ( Example: --servername "Official Reality Guppy Build" )
locationid ( Example: --locationid US1235 )
serverbuild ( Example: --serverbuild 103718 )
hostedby ( Example: -hostedby HNGamers )
battleyepassword ( Example: --battleyepassword ThisPassword )
serverdifficulty ( Example: --serverdifficulty regular )
dayzversion ( Example: --dayzversion )

hivehost ( Example: --hivehost )
hiveport ( Example: --hiveport 3306 )
hivedatabase ( Example: --hivedatabase dayz )
hiveusername ( Example: --hiveusername root )
hivepassword ( Example: --hivepassword omgmyrootpassword )
hiveconsole ( Example: --hiveconsole true )

Possible values: trace, debug, information, notice, warning, error, critical, fatal, none
hiveloglevel ( Example: --hiveloglevel trace )

hiveconsolelevel ( Example: --hiveconsolelevel trace )
datetype ( Example:--datetype static)
year ( Example:--year 2013)
month ( Example:--month 7)
date ( Example:--date 13)
timetype ( Example:--timetype static)
timeoffset ( Example:--timeoffset -5)
hour ( Example:--hour 10:00)

minbandwidth ( Example:--minbandwidth 2342342)
maxbandwidth ( Example:--maxbandwidth 234234234)
maxmsgsend ( Example:--maxmsgsend 512)
maxsizeguaranteed ( Example:--maxsizeguaranteed 256)
maxsizenonguaranteed ( Example:--maxsizenonguaranteed 128)
minerrortosendnear ( Example:--minerrortosendnear 0.03)
minerrortosend ( Example:--minerrortosend 0.005)
maxcustomfilesize ( Example:--maxcustomfilesize 0)
windowed ( Example:--windowed -1)
adapter ( Example:--adapter 1)
3D_performance ( Example:--3D_performance 1)
resolution_bpp ( Example:--resolution_bpp 32)
maxpacketsize ( Example:--maxpacketsize 1400)

Database Schema 0.40+

Starting with database schema 0.40+ (Lingor Update) we will be reseting portions of the vehicle tables. The resets are part of trying to resolve multiple issues with the old database schemas. Any custom added vehicles will need to be moved prior to update due to the refactoring of the vehilce numbers. It is suggested that custom vehicles be given a number higher then 1000 to leave room for any and all maps that will be added in the future.

We understand that this may be inconvienent for admins who have hand done large portions of vehicles; however, we feel that this will better support all users of this software in the long run and allow maps to be ported faster to the Reality system.



NOTE: The importance of following each of the steps in the wiki correctly and in order cannot be understated. NOTE: It is highly recommended to disable UAC during the install portion; especially, the perl setup portion. Right clicking and running as Administration DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY* due to the way that the Perl setup application works.


  1. Run .\util\dayz_config\BattlEye (if using Battleye)
  2. Run --dwarden --banz --cbl --save .\util\dayz_config\BattlEye\bans.txt (if desired)
  3. Build your world, if you do this in reverse then the scripts will be old or you will need to merge them into your Battleye folder manually. The above method provides the scripts/bans inside of the server build prior to copying it to your folder.

Optional Features

You can enable custom packages when building your server files. A list of Reality-supported packages follows.

carepkgs--with-carepkgsDrops care packages with various loot types across the map (similar to heli crash sites)
killmsgs--with-killmsgsShows in-game messages when one player kills another. Custom BE filters must be used (Download Pending)
lingorkillmsgs--with-lingorkillmsgs Shows in-game messages when one player kills another AND add the lingor package all rolled into one. if you want both packages, please use this one so there are no merging issues.
messaging--with-messagingReplacement for the old scheduler feature, see Messaging/Scheduler below
buildings--with-buildingsAllow spawning of database-defined structures/buildings on the map, see Buildings
wrecks--with-wrecksSpawns various lootable vehicle wrecks across the map on server start
invcust--with-invcustAllows you to grant custom spawn loadouts to individuals or group, see Custom Inventory
ssZeds--with-ssZedsDisable server-side zombie simulation (may improve server FPS)
ssZedsMessaging--with-ssZedsMessagingDisable server-side zombie simulation (may improve server FPS) AND the Messaging package all rolled into one. if you want both packages, please use this one so there are no merging issues.

Thanks To

Each of these packages is a part of Reality and makes what we do possible.

GnuWin32 (wget)
Strawberry Perl


Please use our Teamspeak 3 server for support. You may also post a request in the forums here NOTE - teamspeak is the prefered method of support, you are more then welcome to stick around after your support issue has beeen handled.

Teamspeak server:


Reality DayZ - replaced Bliss for DayZ servers




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