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Xerte Online Toolkits

Latest release : v3.5 (released on July 19, 2017)

Installation Instructions (Stable release, .zip)

Here's a quick guide to installing toolkits on your local computer:

  1. Download and install XAMPP from accepting the default settings;
  2. Download Xerte Online Toolkits from
  3. Unzip the folder 'xertetoolkits' to c:\xampp\htdocs, giving you c:\xampp\htdocs\xertetoolkits
  4. Start Apache and MySQL in XAMPP control panel
  5. Visit http://localhost/xertetoolkits/setup
  6. Click the XAMPP button.

Server administrators should choose the 'full install' option and step through the wizard. When copying the files to a server, you can use the setup utility at

Installation Instructions (unstable release, github)

cd /path/to/apache/document/root
git clone .

Requires :

  1. PHP v5.1.2+ with either sqlite or mysql extensions available.
  2. Apache or some other web server that is setup to execute PHP.
  3. Write permission to USER-FILES

Optional additions :

  1. ClamAV - if /usr/bin/clamscan exists, uploads will be checked for viruses. Requires appropriate AV definitions are in place.
  2. XML parsing - if PHP has the 'xml' module installed, then we'll validate the Learning Object's XML before saving on the server.
  3. Transcoding support for video files - see/read cron/transcoding.php - when run it will attempt to convert .flv files to .mp4 files to improve template viewing on Adobe-flash-free devices.

If you do not go through /setup (and stick with using Sqlite) then the Sqlite database will be somewhere in /tmp. Edit config.php to change this.

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