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New project generator for TypeScript apps buit around these libraries from the collection:

The skeleton app contains various app configuration options, incl. optional dummy components to illustrate the overall usage patterns, and detailed comments with further documentation links to help you get started.

Live demo (default configuration)


ALPHA - work in progress & current setup likely to change...


yarn create hdom-app my-app

cd my-app
yarn install
yarn start

The yarn start command launched webpack-dev-server and opens the app in your browser. See generated for further details...

The app is utilizing Tachyons CSS for component skinning, but this is non-intrusive and can easily be removed.


The generator is customizable and currently can generate the following project configurations using extra command line arguments.

Usage: yarn create hdom-app <project-name> [options]


    -V, --version  output the version number
    -q, --quiet    suppress all messages (excl. errors)
    --bare         same as '--minimal --no-router --no-events'
    --minimal      don't generate dummy components
    --no-router    skip router support
    --no-events    skip event bus support
    -h, --help     output usage information

Default: Event system & SPA router

By default a few dummy components are generated to help you get started. For users familiar with the overall setup, the --minimal option is recommended for starting new projects.

yarn create hdom-app my-app [--minimal]

Event system, but no router support

This is the recommended option if you want to use an alternative SPA router implementation.

yarn create hdom-app my-app --no-router [--minimal]

Router support, but no event system

(This configuration is only intended for small tests / experiments and not recommended for serious applications.)

yarn create hdom-app my-app --no-events [--minimal]

Barebones: no event bus, no router

(This configuration is only intended for small tests / experiments and not recommended for serious applications.)

# with dummy components
yarn create hdom-app my-app --no-router --no-events

# completely bare
yarn create hdom-app my-app --bare


Since the* dependencies are currently updated very frequently, the generated package.json lists their versions as latest. Dev dependencies are specified using caret ranges.

Questions / feedback

Please create an issue on GH, should run into any problems or have any improvement ideas. Always open for suggestions.


  • Karsten Schmidt


© 2018 Karsten Schmidt // Apache Software License 2.0