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Draft.js exporter 🐍 - Markdown edition

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Library to convert rich text from Draft.js raw ContentState to Markdown, based on Draft.js exporter.

🚧 This is an experimental exporter with limited Markdown support – please use with caution.


This package is a Markdown export configuration for the Draft.js exporter. Specifically, it provides:

  • A Markdown-friendly exporter engine, with fallbacks to HTML tags.
  • Configuration for basic Markdown formatting.

First, install the package:

pip install draftjs_exporter_markdown

Then, to convert Draft.js content to Markdown:

And in Python:

from draftjs_exporter.html import HTML
from draftjs_exporter_markdown import BLOCK_MAP, ENGINE, ENTITY_DECORATORS, STYLE_MAP

# Initialise the exporter.
exporter = HTML({
    # Those configurations are overridable like for draftjs_exporter.
    'block_map': BLOCK_MAP,
    'style_map': STYLE_MAP,
    'entity_decorators': ENTITY_DECORATORS,
    'engine': ENGINE,

markdown = exporter.render({
    'entityMap': {},
    'blocks': [{
        'key': '6mgfh',
        'text': 'Hello, world!',
        'type': 'unstyled',
        'depth': 0,
        'inlineStyleRanges': [],
        'entityRanges': []


You can also run an example by downloading this repository and then using python


Please refer to the Draft.js exporter configuration documentation.

Supported Markdown formatting

The built-in configuration provides support for:

  • Inline styles: bold, italic, strikethrough, code
  • Blocks: paragraphs, heading levels, bullet and number lists, code blocks, blockquote
  • Images, links, and horizontal rules

Contrary to the main Draft.js exporter,

  • Nested / overlapping styles aren't supported.
  • None of the content is escaped (HTML escaping is unnecessary for Markdown, and there is no Markdown escaping).


Requirements: virtualenv, pyenv, twine

git clone
cd draftjs_exporter_markdown/

# Install dependencies
nvm install
npm install
# For tests and development in watch mode.
npm install -g nodemon

# Install the Python environment.
virtualenv .venv
source ./.venv/bin/activate
make init

# Install required Python versions
pyenv install --skip-existing 3.6.3
# Make required Python versions available globally.
pyenv global system 3.6.3

# Run the built-in example.
make dev


Use make release, which uses standard-version to generate the CHANGELOG and decide on the version bump based on the commits since the last release.


View the full list of contributors. MIT licensed.