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🐧 Some (personal) linux configs & scripts for systemd, bash, nginx, etc. Used mostly in a Debian 9 (Stretch) env.
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🐧 Linux Confs — Collective repository for Linux OSes

This repository is aimed at collecting some handy/useful/lengthy/hard scripts and configurations for Linux OSes. It's the first thing I clone to every new Raspberry Pi or Linux box and then it's basically just a pick & mix of scripts and configurations to install. No or installation method, only manual cp allowed 🙌🏻

These script are grafted on Debian Stretch but might also work for Ubuntu.

What's in the box

Lots of stuff!

  • Nearly cross platform dotfiles for a bash env
  • A copy of the /etc folder with:
    • A default nginx reverse proxy conf
    • Systemd services for mongod, datadog, glances, certbot…
  • Scripts of various natures:
    • Provisions for LetsEncrypt, Dynamic DNS, Nginx + OpenSSL, Node for armhf archs…
    • Utilities for the shell like adding an alias, adding/removing a cronjob
    • Loose onetime scripts to generate OpenSSL certs locally, scan the local subnet, upgrade all pip modules


It's a pick & mix! You can manually copy over files with cp, rsync, drag and drop or choose to copy over the whole folder like cp -R etc/**/* /etc/. This is in no way a provisioning tool, then you're better off with Puppet or Ansible. Running headless or automated not recommended since these scripts might require interaction.


Runs for shellcheck'ing the files on Travis CI or locally in dev with ./

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