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A visual zap-to-char command for emacs
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A visual zap-to-char command for Emacs.


If you install from emacs packaging system, you probably have nothing to do apart binding zop-to-char to a key (See below).

If you install from git, you will have to add this to your init file:

(autoload 'zop-to-char "zop-to-char.el" nil t)
(autoload 'zop-up-to-char "zop-to-char.el" nil t)

Bind zop-to-char to a key

You will probably want to use zop-to-char instead of zap-to-char:

(global-set-key [remap zap-to-char] 'zop-to-char)


You will have all needed infos in minibuffer or in mode-line if minibuffer is in use.


  • Works in minibuffer
  • You can change direction with C-b and C-f. When starting at end of buffer zop-to-char search automatically backward.
  • You can use zop-to-char to move to a place (use C-q).
  • Hit repetitively the character you are searching will move to next.
  • You can copy or kill region from point to last search point.
  • C-g will quit and bring you back to initial position.

Other packages

zop-to-char fits well in minibuffer with eldoc-eval

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