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Tantalus is meant to be the next and hopefully somewhat final successor of Madmin. Its primary purpose is to manage inventory, but it also includes bindings for the Conscribo XML-API, a point-of-sale system and several financial tools to make the life of the treasurer of Tartarus easier.

If you would like to deploy this system for your own non-profit association and require assistance you can reach out to me. See my website for ways to contact me. If you want to use this system in a for-profit setting we can discuss rates ;).


  • Enter transactions with an assisting system to speed up this labour-intensive task.
  • Automated invoicing.
  • Inventory monitoring.
  • Conscribo integration.
  • Point-of-sale endpoints.

Directory Structure

├─ pos_endpoint/        # This folder contains the POS endpoint client
├─ scripts/             # Helper scripts that interact with the system or help migrating
└─ src/                 # Source code
   ├─  config/            # Config system that gathers parameters from the shell environment
   ├─  ConscriboPyAPI/    # Conscribo Python API bindings
   ├─  tantalus/          # Actual application code
   |   ├─  web/             # Web endpoints
   |   ├─  logic/           # Business logic
   |   ├─  app/             # Application wiring and middleware
   |   ├─  static/          # Static files like images and CSS
   |   └─  templates/       # Jinja2 HTML templates
   ├─  tantalus_db/       # SQLAlchemy models for DB connection
   └─  worker/            # Background worker for async tasks like email and invoicing


The core of the Tantalus system is a list of products, each with an amount in stock and price which you sell it for, including VAT. Normal edits to these Products happen through Transactions. When you add a Transaction to the system you can buy products for a specified price and you can sell products for the system-determined price. A Transaction can also include a Service, which is anything that does not relate to a Product tracked by Tantalus.

Tantalus also has Point-of-Sale endpoints. These represent individual products being sold that should not generate an invoice but should be tracked. Turn these into transactions with intervals that are convinient to your usecase.

Price Calculation

With Tantalus the way prices are calculated differs from madmin in a significant way. There is no separate entity for a product and its inventory. That way, there is no way to tell where a product came from once it is in the database. This makes sense in the way that if you have two bottles of cola, they are interchangeable. Of course, there is a sell-by date, but that kind of micromanagement is beyond the scope of this system and happens "on the floor". The value on sale is a set price.

You should take care when you modify a price while you still have stock of a product. This means you are also changing the value of total owned product, which should be corrected inside Conscribo too.

POS client

The folder pos_client contains a python module used to run a pos client that communicates with tantalus over its API. See pos-requirements.txt for the dependencies of the pos client. Run as module: python -m pos_endpoint.

Docker-Compose deployment procedure

Copy variables.example.env to variables.env and modify it to your hearts desire. Also have a check of the volumes in the docker-compose file, you might want to change their location. You can also strip out the pgAdmin and postgres containers if you are deploying those somewhere else. Start all containers with:

    docker-compose up --build -d

Note that all DB tables will be created upon the first http request to the application. After creating the tables there will also be a default user admin with password AdminAdmin, which you will want to change before deploying to production.


The script simulates about a years worth of data in a minute or so. It is very useful for testing. The dev-requirements.txt file shows the dependencies used to run this script.

Testing (re-)deployment

    docker-compose down && \
    sudo rm -rf path/to/cache/* && \
    docker-compose up --build -d && \
    python scripts/ admin AdminAdmin


Inventory bookkeeping for Tartarus




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