A curated list of awesome things related to ThinkJS 3.x
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Awesome projects for ThinkJS 3.x


Package Author Version Status Coverage Description
think-router @lushijie version Router Parser
think-trace @lizheming version Error trace
think-payload @berwin version Parse body data
think-meta @welefen version Show meta info
think-logic @toxic-johann version Invoke logic action
think-controller @toxic-johann version Invoke controller action
think-wechat @akira-cn version   wechat middleware
think-swagger @libery version swagger middleware
think-qs @welefen version parse complex query data

Koa Middlewares

Package Author Version Status downloads Description
kcors @fengmk2 version status downloads CORS middleware
grant @simov version status downloads OAuth middleware
koa-csrf @jonathanong version status downloads CSRF tokens
koa-helmet @venables version status downloads helmet middleware
koa-ip-filter @charlike version status downloads Ip filter middleware for koa
koa-jwt @sdd version status downloads JWT (JSON Web Tokens) verification
koa-basic-auth @tj version status downloads blanket basic auth middleware








  • think-view Add display, render, assign methods to controller.
  • think-email Add sendEmail method to think, context, controller.
  • think-cache Add cache method to think, context, controller.
  • think-session Add session method to think, context, controller.
  • think-fetch Add fetch method to think, context, controller, service.
  • think-model Add model method to think, context, controller, service. add Model to think.
  • think-websocket Support websocket.
  • think-mongoose Wrap mongoose.
  • think-sequelize Wrap sequelize
  • think-i18n A comprehensive I18N solution wraps Jed, Number(opt in) and Currency(opt in). Support flexible customize for text, number and currency per locale in a standard way.


Projects by ThinkJS

  • 360 静态资源托管库 - 托管前端常见的静态资源库,支持 HTTP2
  • 360 移动开发者中心 - 提供推送、Replugin、代码检查等移动开发服务
  • 众成翻译 - 中国最好的技术翻译社区,最懂译者的翻译平台
  • 爆米兔 - 小而美的 H5 创意制作平台
  • 声享 - 免费在线制作有声 PPT
  • Firekylin - A Simple & Fast Node.js Blogging Platform Base On ThinkJS & React & ES2015+
  • CMSWing - 一款功能强大的(PC端、手机端和微信公众平台)电子商务平台及 CMS 建站系统
  • thinkjsplus - 一款基于 ThinkJS 3 从入门到实践的记事本项目,很适合新手实战
  • NideShop - 基于 ThinkJS+MySQL 开发的开源微信小程序商城
  • CmPage - 企业信息化开发框架,包括账套、用户权限等管理模块,轻量级工作流引擎,以及业务模块的快速开发等

If you have projects created by ThinkJS, please pull request.