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Sample for the half-day ASP.NET Core workshop at .NET Summit 2017 in Munich. Slides can be found on Speaker Deck.


  • IDE like VS 2017
  • .NET Core 1.1
  • For using EntityFramework Core either MS SQL or PostgresSQL

Build & Run

You can either run it via Visual Studio directly or use the following commands within the the folder src/SampleApplication/SampleApplication:

  • dotnet restore to restore all NuGet packages
  • dotnet run to start

The console output shows, on which port the application is hosted. Per default:

  • Windows: http://localhost:50685
  • Mac: http://localhost:5000

To access swagger:

  • Swagger.json: [BaseUrl]/api/swagger/v1/swagger.json
  • Swagger UI: [BaseUrl]/api/swagger

Storage Engine

The sample comes with an InMemory storage and an EntityFramework Core based storage (using either MS SQL or Postgres). To change, please take a look at the Startup.cs file, locate ConfigureServices and follow the instructions to change from InMemory to EntityFramework Core.

If you want to change which database provider is used, take a look at the appSettings.json and find the Database object. Use mssql for MS SQL and postgres for PostgreSQL. You may also need to change the connection string for your own environment.