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  1. relayserver relayserver Public

    Der Thinktecture RelayServer ermöglicht eine bidirektionale, sichere Kommunikation von Clients, mobilen Endgeräten und Applikationen mit On-Premises-Applikationen hinter Routern und Firewalls über …

    JavaScript 80 26

  2. boardz-cross-platform-sample boardz-cross-platform-sample Public archive

    Sample application for demonstrating various aspects of modern cross-platform applications - using Angular 2, Cordova, Electron & gulp. With a .NET Web API & SignalR backend.

    JavaScript 78 30

  3. nodejs-aspnetcore-webapi nodejs-aspnetcore-webapi Public

    This repository contains a sample showcasing Web APIs with Node.js compared to ASP.NET Core 1.0

    JavaScript 46 28

  4. angular-connect-2015-write-once-run-anywhere angular-connect-2015-write-once-run-anywhere Public

    Repository for the talk ""Write once, run anywhere" with nw.js & Cordova: for real!" from Christian Weyer and Manuel Rauber at Angular Connect 2015.

    JavaScript 27 10

  5. serverless-microservices serverless-microservices Public

    Sample implementations for a Microservices/Nanoservices architecture based on Azure Serverless technologies.

    C# 26 9

  6. angular-connect-2016 angular-connect-2016 Public

    Sample code and presentation for the session 'One code to rule them all: Cross-platform development with Angular 2, Cordova & Electron' at Angular Connect 2016.

    JavaScript 23 8


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