See if a domain is set up to point to an app correctly.
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See if a domain is set up correctly.

Checkdomain uses some heuristics to see if a domain is a "root" domain or a
"subdomain". Root in this case means a domain like and subdomain
means It is "www.-aware" too. That means it assumes that if
you're checking a root domain like it will also check to see if is pointing to the same place. It is smart enough not to do
this for subdomains.

When used from the command-line, checkdomain will print out the relevant
records, errors and warnings. If a domain does not resolve to a correct IP
address it will give you an error of some kind and warnings include using a
CNAME on a root domain (which is technically not allowed and causes all sorts
of problems when receiving email on that domain) or having the root domain and
www. subdomain pointing to different places.

Included are wrapper scripts for Tank and Ammo that double as examples.


    ./ --help
    Usage: -i ip1,ip1... -c cname1,cname2... <domain>

      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -i IPS, --ips=IPS     comma-delimited list of allowed A records
      -c CNAMES, --cnames=CNAMES
                            comma-delimited list of allowed CNAMEs


dnspython -
    In debian-based distros: sudo apt-get install python-dnspython
Simon Willison's optfunc - compatible fork here: