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Solid Select- The Select component for Solid.
  • Built for Solid: leverages fine-grained reactivity primitives for coordination.
  • Flexible: built to support a wide range of cases, from single selects to multi-select autocomplete lists.
  • Extendable: use the pre-fabricated components or build your own from the core primitives.
  • Zero dependencies: Just pair with Solid and good to go.

solid select preview

How do I get started? 🧭

Install it:

npm install @thisbeyond/solid-select

Use it:

import { Select } from "@thisbeyond/solid-select";
import "@thisbeyond/solid-select/style.css";

const App = () => {
  return (
      <Select options={["apple", "banana", "pear", "pineapple", "kiwi"]} />

export default App;

See more examples at

What's implemented? ✔️

  • A high level Select component that can be configured with either a static or dynamic list of options.
  • Support for single value selection or multiple value selection.
  • createOptions helper for configuring filterable options based on input value (complete with match highlighting). Works with lists of plain strings or can be passed a 'key' to filter against lists of objects. Can also be used to configure creating new options on the fly.
  • Opt-in sensible default styling. Customise easily or style from scratch.
  • Composable building blocks to create your own control.
  • Lower level createSelect primitive if you just want the core logic.

Who made this? ✍

Martin Pengelly-Phillips

Why did you make it?

I've been part of the SolidJS community for a while now and one of the things I really like is the emphasis on trying things out and sharing them ( The ecosystem is small which creates a lot of opportunity and a lower barrier to entry for sharing I find.

I published my first Solid library ( a short while back as a first dabble in sharing what I had learnt on a personal project. That went well so when I had to create a multi-select autocomplete control for another personal project I knew I'd be sharing that too - and so Solid Select came to be :)