Miss the office life? You won't any more with this wonderful office slack simulator.
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Office Simulator Slackbot

Office slack messages are the passive agressive post-its of the modern world. Do you miss the office life? You won't any more with this realistic office slack simulator.

In action

We have spared no expense, simulating the most realistic office messages, so you are never really at ease!

This is serious stuff

  • Complete Realism
  • 100% vetted passive agression!
  • And of course, it REMEMBERS!

... 5 days later:

Lets see that again!

... 8 days later:


  1. Firstly, you will need to create a new "bot" integration, in your slack settings. Type a username Office Simulator and click "Add Bot Integration".

  2. Once the bot is created, you will be shown an API token ... copy this, we'll need it later.

  3. Next, clone this project, or download it as a ZIP and extract it.

  4. Open up index.js in the root directory, and add replace SLACK_API_TOKEN with your slack token. You can also change the channel from general to one of your other channels, if you wish.

  5. Finally, run npm install and npm start in the project, and you should see the initial team building message.

Something to add?

Please, add new messages for the slackbot, etc, to the /data/actions.js file... you can use the %modifier% to add custom random alterations, as well as the reaction key, to add custom reactions.

Submit a PR, and I'll check it out!


Office simulator only posts once or twice a day, so if it doesn't seem to be constantly going, its due to painstakingly accurate realism.


The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2017 Tim Holman - http://tholman.com