Docker Based Build Environment For zaps166/NFSIISE
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Docker Based Build Environment For zaps166/NFSIISE

Cross-platform build environment for zaps166/NFSIISE based on Docker.

Why I Need It?

This enables you to build the game binary without pollluting your system with all the required development dependencies (which are a lot).


curl -Lo nfsiise-build-env.tar.gz
tar xf nfsiise-build-env.tar.gz
chmod +x nfsiise-build-env-master/


The latest release of the repository is build on every execution:

cd nfsiise-build-env-master
./ <os-version>

The create binary nfs2se will be dropped into an automatically created folder nfsiise-build-env-master/output.

os-version can be one of:

  • ubuntu-14.04
  • ubuntu-16.04
  • ubuntu-18.04

Or you can easily extend one of the existing Dockerfiles to adapt another OS version.

The create binary can be found in the folder ./NFSIISE-build-env-master/output.