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Need For Speed™ II SE - Cross-platform wrapper with 3D acceleration and TCP protocol!


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Cross-platform wrapper for the Need For Speed™ II SE game with 3D acceleration and TCP protocol!

GIT clone:

Don't forget to update submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive


  • By default OpenGL 2 is used (except Android - it always uses GLES2).
  • To use OpenGL 1, add gl1 argument to compilation script.
  • To use OpenGL|ES 2, add gles2 argument to compilation script.

Compile for x86:

  • To compile the game, you must have:
    • GCC or Clang compiler which can generate 32-bit code for x86 (set by $CC environment variable),
    • 32-bit OpenGL devel and drivers,
    • 32-bit SDL2 devel.
    • Yasm assembler,
  • On Debian you should add 32-bit architecture and install 32-bit dependencies (run as root):
dpkg --add-architecture i386
apt-get update
apt-get install libsdl2-dev:i386 gcc-multilib yasm
  • Edit the compile_nfs script, modify what do you want. Compile the game by executing the script - it will automatically generate executable file inside Need For Speed II SE directory:
    • ./compile_nfs - native compilation for Unix-like systems (Linux, macOS up to Mojave, ...),
    • ./compile_nfs win32 - cross compilation for Windows (on Arch Linux install: mingw-w64-gcc and mingw-w64-sdl2 from AUR).

Notes About Windows Build using WSL:

  • One way is to use WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) and install mingw-w64 which cross-compiles to Windows
sudo apt install mingw-w64

also gcc-multilib might be needed to be installed using

sudo apt install gcc-multilib
  • Don't install SDL using apt-get, instead take it from their official repo packages page, get the package with mingw suffix

  • Inside the package folder you should use the one called i686-w64-mingw32

  • Either copy the include, bin, lib, share to your system files (not recommended) or you can modify the following lines in the file compile_nfs:

    • On line 27 with:


      add before the last quotation mark -I/path/to/include/folder so that it becomes:

      C_FLAGS="$COMMON_FLAGS -O2 $CPU_FLAGS -I/path/to/include/folder"
    • On line 23 add the same include directory paramter before the quote

    • On line 39 which has:

      i686-w64-mingw32-ld --enable-stdcall-fixup -o "../Need For Speed II SE/nfs2se.exe" *.o --stack=0x7D00,0x7D00 --heap=0x2000,0x1000 -lws2_32 -lwinmm -lmingwex -lmsvcrt -lkernel32 -lopengl32 -lSDL2 -lSDL2main -lSDL2_test -subsystem=$WIN_SUBSYSTEM $STRIP -e _start &&

      After the -lSDL2_test add -L/path/to/lib/folder/

    • Now the command ./compile_nfs win32 should work fine

    • If you try to run the exe, windows will say the dll is missing so you should get it from the same SDL packages link but this time the package for win32-x86

    • Copy the dll you get from decompressing the zip file and put it in the same directory as the game's exe file

    • Now if you follow the other steps (of copying game data and dealing with possible errors explained futher), it should work fine

Compile for non-x86 CPUs:


  • This game can run on ARM devices, also on Android. Only 32-bit little-endian CPUs are supported.
  • The performance is a bit lower than the original assembly code.
  • May be less stable than assembly code due to possible translation bugs.


  • SDL2 (32-bit) and OpenGL (32-bit).
  • Clang compiler and lld linker (must generate 32-bit output).



  • run ./compile_nfs cpp


  • install SDK and NDK for chosen SDL2 version,
  • set environment variables: ANDROID_HOME and ANDROID_NDK_HOME,
  • download SDL2 source code and unpack it,
  • create symlink to unpacked SDL2-* directory into src/Android/app/jni/SDL,
  • run ./compile_nfs android or ./compile_nfs android install.


  • Copy fedata and gamedata directories from the Need For Speed™ II SE original CD-ROM into Need For Speed II SE directory.
  • This game needs data from Need For Speed 2 Special Edition, otherwise you'll see a 'MOVIE FILE NOT FOUND' message!
  • You can delete unnecessary files, e.g. fedata/pc/text/text.*, because TCP version uses new files in root directory.
  • All files and directories copied from CD-ROM must have small letters on Unix-like systems!!!
    • Please use the Need For Speed II SE/convert_to_lowercase script if you have UPPERCASE names.
  • If you want to change the language, edit file (with text editor which doesn't modify last line or line edings!) and change the first line. Leave 4nn as is and modify only language name. Possible languages are:
    • english,
    • french,
    • german,
    • italian,
    • spanish,
    • swedish.
  • Run the game.
  • The game settings files are located in ~/.nfs2se (%AppData%\.nfs2se on Windows). At the first run, the nfs2se.conf.template will be copied there. You can modify the file if you want to configure the game. On Windows, you can use open_config.bat to open the config file in notepad.
  • On Android devices, copy gamedata, fedata,, text.*, nfs2se.conf (rename nfs2se.conf.template to nfs2se.conf) into /sdcard/NFSIISE or /storage/emulated/0/NFSIISE (create NFSIISE directory first).
  • For Batocera Linux devices (an open-source and completely free retro-gaming distribution), tested with version 39:
    • take Windows version (e.g under Releases), unpack it,
    • copy original fedata and gamedata directories into Need For Speed II SE directory,
    • in Need For Speed II SE directory create new file autorun.cmd with content CMD=nfs2se.exe,
    • rename directory Need For Speed II SE to Need For Speed II SE.pc,
    • place directory Need For Speed II SE.pc into your Batocera Linux directory /userdata/roms/windows/,
    • to update the game list in Batocera using your controller, press START and go to GAME SETTINGSUPDATE GAMELISTS, the game is listed under Windows section and will be successfully emulated via Wine

What works:

  • Game controllers (reconnected game controllers should be the same),
  • Force Feedback (tested on Linux),
  • TCP and UDP connection,
  • Serial port connection,
  • Brightness,
  • Sound.

What does not work:

  • Modem connection (it will never work again, this feature has been removed from assembly code),

Function keys in-game

  • F1 - toggle rain
  • F2 - car detail
  • F3 - view distance
  • F4 - toggle horizon
  • F5 - toggle HUD (player 1)
  • F6 - toggle HUD (player 2)
  • F7 - toggle mirror
  • F8 - toggle music
  • F9 - toggle sound effects
  • F10 - brightness
  • F11 - reset car (player 1)
  • F12 - reset car (player 2)

Additional information:

  • Arch Linux package is available in AUR as nfs2se-git.
  • Compilation on *BSD systems probably needs changes in compilation script (not tested).
  • Cockpit view and night driving are unavailable (original 3D-accelerated version doesn't have this), see NFSIISEN repository.
  • OpenGL 1.x only: if the game crashes it might not restore the gamma properly. In this case run: xgamma -gamma 1.0.
  • There is Docker based build environment available on GitHub.
  • LICENSE is only for wrapper source code.


Need For Speed™ II SE - Cross-platform wrapper with 3D acceleration and TCP protocol!







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