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Ravenglass allows you to control the Spotify desktop player and interact with the web API. It currently only supports Python 3 and macOS.

This is currently in alpha...


Currently you need to clone this repository and install its dependencies - installation via pip is not yet supported. You'll need Flask and PyObjC.

In order to use the features that require the Spotify Web API you'll need to register an application. When you register you'll need to add http://localhost:3000/callback as a callback URL. Then write the following file at ~/.config/ravenglass/config.ini:

CLIENT_ID = your application client ID
CLIENT_SECRET = your application client secret


Run ./ save to save the currently playing song. Other options include caching data on all your songs as JSON, watch Spotify with an interactive UI, creating playlists from lists of song IDs, and create automatic playlists from single songs, etc. You can view all the options by running ./ --help.


  • Generalise API access