• FIXED: Make Terminal features work in Windows again
  • FIXED #685: Print cuts lines
  • FIXED #686: Stepping over user modules can be too slow
  • ENHANCEMENT: Include pip in binary bundles
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This is a bug-fix release.

  • FIXED #674: Print doesn't work on Mac
  • FIXED #675: Make focus editor / shell shortcuts usable on Mac
  • FIXED #677: Debugging fails with extended slice syntax

See in case you missed 3.1.0 feature release.

Reminder: Thonny now lives on GitHub. Bitbucket repo will be closed.

NB! Starting from the next release, releases won't be published in Thonny blog anymore.

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@aivarannamaa aivarannamaa released this Jan 29, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release

This is the first Thonny version to be released on GitHub. Old Bitbucket repo will be closed in couple of months.

What's new?

  • "Run → Pygame Zero mode" allows running Pygame Zero programs with F5. (You need to have pgzero installed or install it via "Tools → Manage packages".)
  • "Run → Debug current script (Birdseye)" allows visualizing your program execution with Birdseye debugger by Alex Hall. See "Help -> Birdseye" for more information.
  • "Run →Run" current script in terminal
  • "File → Print..." allows pringing current script (via default web browser)
  • "View →Notes" opens a box for writing down code snippets, task descriptions, etc.

See more updates in the changelog.


Use the links above to download Thonny 3.1.0 bundled with Python 3.7.2

  • exe is the installer for Windows
  • dmg is image for macOS
  • x86_64.tar.gz and i686.tar.gz contain installers for 64-bit and 32-bit Linux respectively
  • bash file is a script which downloads correct Linux bundle, unpacks it and starts the installer

Thonny is also available on PyPI. Install it with pip install thonny==3.1.0 (or just pip install thonny for latest version). Note that this version requires Python 3.5 or later.

Debian and Fedora packages will be uploaded later.


Report problems in the issue tracker. Start discussions in the forum / mailing list.

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This is the last release in 2.1 series.

The dmg below is the last Thonny+Python compatible with Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8. In order to use newer Thonny versions in these OS-es, you need to install Python and Thonny separately.

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