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This fixes a problem with building when using jruby, because RUBY_PLATFORM is 'java'. This causes the case statement to always assume the OS is OSX, which obviously fails on anything that isn't OSX.

I'm not sure what the best process is for fixing problems with build scripts; I'm not aware of any way to test it other than simply trying the build on every supported platform. I've only been able to try it on linux ree, linux jruby, and OSX 1.9.2.

@Fitzsimmons Fitzsimmons Fix for issue #208
CONFIG['host_os'] will return the underlying OS no matter what the ruby platform is.

pgieser commented Jan 12, 2012

Did you see:


You're right, that does seem to be almost the exact same thing. Any idea what the delay is on getting this fix merged?


pgieser commented Jan 12, 2012

Don't know. Looks like it's been dark here since Dec. 6, 2011.


halogenandtoast commented Jan 13, 2012

#221 has been merged into master

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