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+New in 3.1.3:
+* Bug fix: Copy empty attachment between instances is now working.
+* Bug fix: Correctly rescue Fog error.
+* Bug fix: Using default path and url options in Fog storage now work as expected.
+* Bug fix: `Attachment#s3_protocol` now returns a protocol without colon suffix.
+* Feature: Paperclip will now raise an error if multiple styles are defined but no `:style`
+ interpolation exists in `:path`.
+* Feature: Add support for `#{attachment}_created_at` field
+* Bug fix: Paperclip now gracefully handles msising file command.
+* Bug fix: `StringIOAdapter` now accepts content type.
New in 3.1.2:
* Bug fix: #remove_attachment on 3.1.0 and 3.1.1 mistakenly trying to remove the column that has

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