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CruiseControl for Ruby. Keep it simple.
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Renamed mail templates so that email clients display emails as plain tex...
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app Renamed mail templates so that email clients display emails as plain …
config Try removing (.:format) from after *path - recent changes seem to hav…
daemon Initial go at getting jruby working (no C extensions)
db/migrate update 002 migration to work properly with Rails 2.3 when running in …
doc fixed Config deprecation errors - git pull request from main repo
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log adding a log directory
public Update site.css_example
samples Added sample builders and configs
script updated remaining Configuration constant to be properly namespaced
server_jar produce a self hosting ccrb.jar that can be executed using `java -jar…
tasks fixed schema loading: for big projects it is easier to load the sche…
test Fix test_clean_checkout_should_perform_git_clean not reflecting chang…
vendor Update travis to check only 1.8.7 and 1.9.3
.gitignore Ignore extra files
.powrc Adding .powrc to support rvm.
.project r375: issue 20 : make outside build error show on dashboard
.rbenv-version.example Adding support for rbenv and rvm
.rvmrc.example Update .rvmrc.example
.travis.yml Update travis to check only 1.8.7 and 1.9.3
CHANGELOG #46 - Update the changelog file with changes so far.
Capfile r535: Cap 2.0
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LICENSE r44: setting eol-style to native where appropriate Update link to docs in the README
Rakefile Rake package task now builds a gem with a Cruise executable that runs…
TODO Cruise now once again starts on port 3333 by default. Initial go at getting jruby working (no C extensions)
cruise cruise script pointing to some weird rfbu option, use ruby env instead
cruise.cmd r13: getting executables a bit slicker and dropping the gem idea
cruise_config.rb Don't use 'bundle install --local' by default.
cruisecontrolrb.gemspec Reverted and locked down Rake version, cleaned up Gemfile, added a si…

CruiseControl.rb: Simple Continuous Integration


CruiseControl.rb is a continuous integration server. It keeps everyone in your team informed about the health and progress of your project.

CC.rb is easy to install, pleasant to use and simple to hack. It's written in Ruby and maintained in their spare time by developers at ThoughtWorks, a software development consultancy.

Build Status Static Code analysis Dependency Status


The quick how-to

$ ./cruise start

This should start CC.rb on port 3333. To add new projects, there's a GUI interface, or you can use the command line:

$ ./cruise add [project-name] -r [repository] -s [svn|git|hg|bzr]


  • Apache Software License 2.0

(C) ThoughtWorks Inc. 2007 - 2013

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