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Automatic conversion of the NetBSD pkgsrc CVS module, use with care
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audio musicpd: update to 0.20.16. Feb 11, 2018
bootstrap pkgsrc-termux changes Mar 23, 2019
cad cat/oce: Update 0.18.3. Feb 14, 2018
chat irssi: update to 1.1.1 Feb 15, 2018
comms Import global switch for libusb's implementation [2/2] Feb 10, 2018
converters pkgstc-termux - mk/ Mar 23, 2019
cross Import global switch for libusb's implementation [2/2] Feb 10, 2018
devel Use PREFIX Mar 25, 2019
distfiles These files belong to $MASTER_SITE_LOCAL - moved them there! Dec 5, 2000
doc doc: Updated chat/irssi to 1.1.1 Feb 15, 2018
editors GC -- switching to system malloc has taken care of the issue. Feb 14, 2018
filesystems glusterfs: follow redirect Feb 11, 2018
games Typo Feb 3, 2018
geography Import global switch for libusb's implementation [2/2] Feb 10, 2018
graphics Update gexiv2 to 0.10.8. Feb 15, 2018
inputmethod uim: Set C99 correctly, use C++03. Feb 2, 2018
licenses Import new license: happy Feb 3, 2018
math math/Makefile: Add R-reshape2 Feb 12, 2018
meta-pkgs kf5: add prison Feb 1, 2018
misc Update to Feb 13, 2018
mk Adjust library locations, remove duplicate Mar 25, 2019
net haproxy: updated to 1.8.4 Feb 14, 2018
packages Add .cvsignore to stop cvs update listing every distfile and more Nov 24, 1999
pkgtools Use PREFIX Mar 25, 2019
print py-weasyprint: updated to 0.42.2 Feb 12, 2018
sysutils fzf: Use `do-install' to install only needed files Feb 15, 2018
templates Point at the HTML pkgsrc guide, not a plain-text human redirect. Feb 4, 2017
textproc textproc/Makefile: Add py-poyo Feb 14, 2018
time py-pytz: updated to 2018.3 Feb 13, 2018
wm marco: Don't specify -ansi. Feb 8, 2018
www py-channels: updated to 2.0.2 Feb 14, 2018
x11 Update to 1.3.0 Feb 13, 2018
Makefile Remove old bulk build code. Use pbulk. Jun 2, 2014


$NetBSD: README,v 1.19 2017/03/02 09:51:35 maya Exp $

pkgsrc is a framework for building software on UNIX-like systems.

To use, bootstrap using:
% cd pkgsrc/bootstrap/
% ./bootstrap

build packages, use:
% cd pkgsrc/category/package-name
% $PREFIX/bin/bmake install

Where $PREFIX is where you've chosen to install packages (typically /usr/pkg)

Bugs and patches can be filed in the follow link (use category 'pkg'):

To fetch the main CVS repository:
% cvs -d checkout -P pkgsrc

It's also possible to contribute through pkgsrc wip (work in progress), for
more information, see

Please see doc/pkgsrc.txt for information.
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