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The sources behind

Templates and Sass sources adapted from (MIT license).

How this works

The website sources are hosted on GitHub (here) and the website is deployed via GitHub pages.

The source code resides on the main branch and upon every change (merged pull request), it auto-generates the gh-pages branch which containes the generated HTML code.

The HTML code is generated using Zola static site generator.

To edit content, you most of the time only need to edit Markdown files. Zola auto-generates HTML from these.

How to contribute changes

To add/edit content, modify files inside the content folder. You can modify these via the web or using GitHub Desktop or using the command line by opening pull requests (change proposals).

If you want to add new pages to the navigation bar or modify the navigation bar, modify navigation in config.toml.

You can change the looks inside the sass folder if you know your way around CSS/Sass.

You can modify the page layouts by editing files inside the templates folder.

How to upload articles or presentations

- Cvrček, Václav and Masako Fidler. 2021(preprint)/2022(forthcoming).
  [No Keyword is an Island: In search of covert associations](/articles/CvrcekFidler2021.pdf). *Corpora*.

How to preview changes locally

Install Zola, then run:

$ zola serve