Utilities for creating GWT applications
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This library provides a variety of largely independent utility classes and routines for constructing GWT applications. Detailed information is best obtained by inspecting the Javadoc for the individual classes. A brief overview of the types of things available follows:

Browse the API documentation for additional useful classes.

Adding gwt-utils to your build

Integration into a Maven- or Ivy-based build is easy. Add a dependency on com.threerings:gwt-utils:1.2. gwt-utils is published to Maven Central, so you need not add it to your local Maven repository.

Then add the following to your .gwt.xml file:

  <inherits name="com.threerings.gwt.Utils"/>

You can also obtain the necessary jar files manually from the following locations:


Feel free to pop over to the OOO Libs Google Group to ask questions and get (and give) answers.


The library is maintained by engineers at Three Rings (affectionately known as OOO) and is in use on a few sizable GWT applications like http://www.whirled.com/ and http://apps.facebook.com/everythinggame/.