A simple JavaScript URL Parsing Utility
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UrlParse - A simple URL parser for JavaScript

UrlParse aims to make extracting the part of a URL your interested in a more straightforward proccess.

To try it out use the demo.htm packaged alongside the urlParse.js code.

Tested in:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • IE 9

Usage Examples:

 //Example 1
 var test = urlParse("http://www.sub.domain.com:1337/test/sample.php?queryArg1=Hello&queryArg2=Goodby");
 alert(test.getQueryParam('queryArg2')); // "goodbye"
 alert(test.getPort()); // "1337"
 alert(test.getHost()); // "www.sub.domain.com"
 alert(test.getPath()); // "/test/sample.php"
 //Example 2
 alert(urlParse("http://test.com:17/?a=Cake&b=Cheese").getQueryParam('a')); // "Cake"