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Nova Packages- Discover new packages. Build amazing things.

Nova Packages

Setting up Passport

  1. php artisan passport:keys
  2. php artisan passport:client --personal

Setting up Scout

  1. Make a new Algolia app
  2. From your Algolia app, copy the Admin API key and ID into your .env. If you see a "Not enough rights to update an object near line:1" error when seeding your database, you're using the Search-Only key—swap it out for the Admin key.
  3. In your Algolia app, create a new index called "packages".
  4. After seeding your database, run php artisan scout:import "App\Package"

Seeding the Database

  1. php artisan db:seed

Setting up GitHub Authentication

  1. Make a new GitHub OAuth application
  2. Set http://novapackages.test/login/github/callback as the Authorized Callback URL
  3. Copy the GitHub app id and secret to GITHUB_CLIENT_ID and GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET in the .env file
  4. Create a new Personal Access Token with the public_repo scope enabled
  5. Copy the token to GITHUB_TOKEN in the .env file.

Setting up Slack Test Webhook

  1. Add the SLACK_URL variable to your .env to post to a Slack channel of your choosing.

Note: This webhook is hit when certain events are fired. If you are not testing this webhook specifically, you may want to consider commenting it out to avoid sending unnecessary Slack notifications.

Setting up the Filesystem for Screenshots

  1. Run php artisan storage:link


Some of the tests in this suite depend on an active internet connection, and will run by default. tests/Feature/RepoTest.php provides coverage for the ReadMe import feature, and tests/Feature/CheckPackageUrlsCommandTest.php provides coverage for the command that periodically validates package urls.

For convenience, these tests have been added to the integration group. If you would like to exlude these tests from running, you may do so by using phpunit's --exclude-group option:

phpunit --exclude-group=integration