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A preformant Open Sound Control library for .NET Standard from the creator of Rug.Osc


If you want ease of use and fast results use Rug.Osc. If you can do the work and want fast code use OscCore.

The motivation for this new library is:

  • Allow fast reading and writing of OSC messages and bundles without boxing of types or excessive memory allocation.
  • Decouple message format from transport layer. There in no UDP / TCP / Serial code in this library.
  • To use the lowest possible version of .NET Standard (currently 1.3) to allow maximum portability.
  • To move away from the monolith that was Rug.Osc.

Differences over Rug.Osc:

  • Thread safety, Rug.Osc was aggressively thread safe. OscCore is NOT thread safe! you will have to deal with that stuff on your own.
  • Ease of use, Rug.Osc was very friendly. OscCore is NOT your friend it will allow you to create invalid messages and parse junk if you are not careful.
  • Transport layer, Rug.Osc had all the transport layer stuff built in, it is a one stop shop for sending and receiving OSC messages. OscCore does non of this, it is expected that you will use some other library to get data on and off the wire.
  • Osc Address routing, Rug.Osc has mechanisms for routing incoming messages to delegates. OscCore does not provide routing, you will have to devise the best method for how this happens in the context of your application.

Why would I use this belligerent library?

OscCore is:

  • Performant, using the 'Raw' api is typically more that 2x faster than Rug.Osc for read operations.
  • Uses minimal memory footprint / copying for normal operation.