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When using Tilt with a Kind cluster, we recommend using a local registry for faster image pushing and pulling.

This repo documents the best way to set Kind up.


For a more comprehensive tool for messing around with local clusters and registries, check out ctlptl.

ctlptl uses many of the techniques in this shell script.

Why use Kind with a local registry?

When developing locally, you want to push images to the cluster as fast as possible.

Pushing to an in-cluster image registry skips a lot of overhead:

  • Unlike with a remote registry, the image stays local to your machine, with no network traffic

  • Unlike with kind load, docker will skip pushing any layers that already exist in the registry

This makes it a great solution for iterative local development. But setting it up is awkward and fiddly. This script makes it easy.

How to Try It

  1. Install Kind

  2. Copy the somewhere on your path.

  3. Create a cluster with Currently it creates the registry at port 5000.
  1. Try pushing an image.
docker tag alpine localhost:5000/alpine
docker push localhost:5000/alpine

You can now use the image name localhost:5000/alpine in any resources you deploy to the Kind cluster.

Tilt will automatically detect the local registry created by this script, and do the image tagging dance (as of Tilt v0.12.0).

How to Use it in CI

We also have instructions for setting Kind up with a local registry in

Thanks to

High five to MicroK8s for the initial local registry feature that inspired a lot of this work.

The Kind team ran with this, writing up documentation and hooks for how to set up a local registry with Kind.

This repo modifies the Kind team's script to apply the local registry configmap, so that tools like Tilt can discover the local-registry. This protocol is a Kubernetes Enhancement Proposal.

Tested on Kind 0.7.0 and Kind 0.8.0


Copyright 2019 Windmill Engineering

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0