A small game clone.
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This is a small game, the developing platform is windows, the aiming platforms are webgl and android os.


The original idea is not from me, this game is more like a clone.

Want to know more, please see the below refences link.

How To Play

Just point the newest circle.


I heard some feeback from one of my friend.

  • use more shapes, not only circle
  • start game since with not one circle maybe 4 or 5 to add difficulty

And I got some idea too

  • how about use "Zhao" as the shape, you know "How dare you name yourself Zhao" in one of Luxun's article, but maybe this is a little nude to my friend, I am thinking of it.

I got a little busy now, so maybe I have to delay this project.

  • game speed control
  • use transform to replace with PositionAndScale
  • support multi shape (like tringle, Zhao...)