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GWT wrapper for dygraphs
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What is Dygraphs-GWT?

Dygraphs-GWT is a wrapper for the dygraphs chart library. The wrapper makes it easy to use dygraphs in any GWT application by providing a type-safe abstraction of the dygraphs API.

How do I use it?

Following dygraphjs example:

new Dygraph(div, "ny-vs-sf.txt", {
  legend: 'always',
  title: 'NYC vs. SF',
  showRoller: true,
  rollPeriod: 14,
  customBars: true,
  ylabel: 'Temperature (F)',

can be done with the wrapper this way:

DygraphsOptions options = new DygraphsOptions();
options.title='NYC vs. SF'
options.showRoller = true;
options.rollPeriod = 14;
options.customBars = true;
options.ylabel = 'Temperature (F)'

Dygraphs dygraphs = new Dygraphs("ny-vs-sf.txt",options);

How do I install it?

If you're using Maven, you can add the following to your <dependencies> section:


GeneViewer uses GWT 2.8's new JSInterop feature and thus it has to be enabled in the GWT compiler args. For maven:


or passing it to the compiler via -generateJsInteropExports

You can also download the jar directly or check out the source using git from and build it yourself. Once you've installed Dygraphs-GWT, be sure to inherit the module in your .gwt.xml file like this:

    <inherits name='com.github.timeu.Dygraphs'/>

Where can I learn more?

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