Complete Python interface to IEX HTTP and WS APIs (
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Python interface to IEX Api (

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If you redistribute our API data:

  • Cite IEX using the following text and link: “Data provided for free by IEX.”
  • Provide a link to in your terms of service.
  • Additionally, if you display our TOPS price data, cite “IEX Real-Time Price” near the price.

Getting Started




  • Bulk requests

    This is your best bet for getting bulk data, it is as performant as the IEX api allows.

        def bulkBatch(symbols, types=None, _range='1m', last=10):
        def bulkBatchDF(symbols, types=None, _range='1m', last=10):
  • batch

        def batch(symbols, types=None, _range='1m', last=10):
        def batchDF(symbols, types=None, _range='1m', last=10):
  • book

        def book(symbol):
        def bookDF(symbol):
  • chart

        def chart(symbol, timeframe='1m', date=None):
        def chartDF(symbol, timeframe='1m'):
  • company

        def company(symbol):
        def companyDF(symbol):
  • collections

        def collections(tag, query):
        def collectionsDF(tag, query):
  • crypto

        def crypto():
        def cryptoDF():
  • delayedQuote

        def delayedQuote(symbol):
        def delayedQuoteDF(symbol):
  • dividends

        def dividends(symbol, timeframe='ytd'):
        def dividendsDF(symbol, timeframe='ytd'):
  • earnings

        def earnings(symbol):
        def earningsDF(symbol):
  • earningsToday

        def earningsToday(symbol):
        def earningsTodayDF(symbol):
  • spread

        def spread(symbol):
        def spreadDF(symbol):
  • financials

        def financials(symbol):
        def financialsDF(symbol):
  • ipos

        def ipoToday():
        def ipoUpcoming():
        def ipoTodayDF():
        def ipoUpcomingDF():
  • threshold

        def threshold(date=None):
        def thresholdDF(date=None):
  • shortInterest

        def shortInterest(symbol, date=None):
        def shortInterestDF(symbol, date=None):
  • marketShortInterest

        def marketShortInterest(date=None):
        def marketShortInterestDF(date=None):
  • stockStats

        def stockStats(symbol):
        def stockStatsDF(symbol):
  • largestTrades

        def largestTrades(symbol):
        def largestTradesDF(symbol):
  • list

        def list(option='mostactive'):
        def listDF(option='mostactive'):
  • logo

        def logo(symbol):
        def logoPNG(symbol):
        def logoNotebook(symbol):
  • news

        def news(symbol, count=10):
        def newsDF(symbol, count=10):
  • marketNews

        def marketNews(count=10):
        def marketNewsDF(count=10):
  • ohlc

        def ohlc(symbol):
        def ohlcDF(symbol):
  • marketOhlc

        def marketOhlc():
        def marketOhlcDF():
  • peers

        def peers(symbol):
        def peersDF(symbol):
  • yesterday

        def yesterday(symbol):
        def yesterdayDF(symbol):
  • marketYesterday

        def marketYesterday():
        def marketYesterdayDF():
  • price

        def price(symbol):
        def priceDF(symbol):
  • quote

        def quote(symbol):
        def quoteDF(symbol):
  • sectorPerformance

        def sectorPerformance():
        def sectorPerformanceDF():
  • relevant

        def relevant(symbol):
        def relevantDF(symbol):
  • splits

        def splits(symbol, timeframe='ytd'):
        def splitsDF(symbol, timeframe='ytd'):
  • volumeByVenue

        def volumeByVenue(symbol):
        def volumeByVenueDF(symbol):


  • symbols

        def symbols():
        def symbolsDF():
        def symbolsList():
  • corporateActions

        def corporateActions(date=None):
        def corporateActionsDF(date=None):
  • dividends

        def dividends(date=None):
        def dividendsDF(date=None):
  • nextDayExtDate

        def nextDayExtDate(date=None):
        def nextDayExtDateDF(date=None):
  • directory

        def directory(date=None):
        def directoryDF(date=None):

Market Data

  • tops

        def tops(symbols=None):
        def topsDF(symbols=None):
        def topsWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • last

        def last(symbols=None):
        def lastDF(symbols=None):
        def lastWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • hist

        def hist(date=None):
        def histDF(date=None):
  • deep

        def deep(symbol=None):
        def deepDF(symbol=None):
        def deepWS(symbols=None, channels=None, on_data=None):
  • book

        def book(symbol=None):
        def bookDF(symbol=None):
        def bookWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • trades

        def trades(symbol=None):
        def tradesDF(symbol=None):
        def tradesWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • systemEvent

        def systemEvent():
        def systemEventDF():
        def systemEventWS(on_data=None):
  • tradingStatus

        def tradingStatus(symbol=None):
        def tradingStatusDF(symbol=None):
        def tradingStatusWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • opHaltStatus

        def opHaltStatus(symbol=None):
        def opHaltStatusDF(symbol=None):
        def opHaltStatusWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • ssr

        def ssrStatus(symbol=None):
        def ssrStatusDF(symbol=None):
        def ssrStatusWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • securityEvent

        def securityEvent(symbol=None):
        def securityEventDF(symbol=None):
        def securityEventWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • tradeBreak

        def tradeBreak(symbol=None):
        def tradeBreakDF(symbol=None):
        def tradeBreakWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • auction

        def auction(symbol=None):
        def auctionDF(symbol=None):
        def auctionWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):
  • officialPrice

        def officialPrice(symbol=None):
        def officialPriceDF(symbol=None):
        def officialPriceWS(symbols=None, on_data=None):


  • stats

        def stats():
        def statsDF():
  • recent

        def recent():
        def recentDF():
  • records

        def records():
        def recordsDF():
  • summary

        def summary(date=None):
        def summaryDF(date=None):
  • daily

        def daily(date=None, last=''):
        def dailyDF(date=None, last=''):


  • markets

        def markets():
        def marketsDF():