ESP8266 MAX7219 LED 8x8 Matrix MQTT Clock. Works with MQTT JSON and Home Assistant
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ESP8266 LED Matrix MQTT Sign Build Status

ESP8266 LED Matrix MQTT Sign

Example Hardware Setup

Software Setup

  • Using Atom or VS Code, install Platform IO

  • Once setup, install the esp8266 embedded platform

  • Build the project (Ctrl+Alt+B) and check for any errors

    If the build produces an error referencing dependencies, You will need to manually install these libraries:

Due to an issue with defining the max MQTT packet size in the main file, you will have to manually increase the size in the following step. (If someone knows a workaround for this, please let me know or make a pull request)

  • Inside the created hidden directory, find .piolibdeps\PubSubClient\PubSubClient_ID89\src\PubSubClient.h and change the line that states something like #define MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE 128 to #define MQTT_MAX_PACKET_SIZE 512
  • Upload to your board of choice (Ctrl+Alt+U). This project was created specifically for the NodeMCU but can be configured to work with another WiFi board with some tinkering.

Example Home Assistant Configuration

  - platform: mqtt_json
    name: "Matrix Clock"
    state_topic: "display/matrix001"
    command_topic: "display/matrix001/set"
    qos: 1

    name: 'Matrix Clock Scroll Speed'
    mode: slider
    initial: 40
    min: 10
    max: 100
    step: 10

  - action:
      - alias: Set Matrix Clock Speed
        service: mqtt.publish
          topic: display/matrix001/set
          payload: '{"speed":{{ trigger.to_state.state | int }}}'
    alias: Matrix Clock Speed
      - platform: state
        entity_id: input_number.matrix_clock_speed

Sample MQTT Payload

Switch on with speed of 40, BST and a HASS temperature sensor

   "state": "ON",
   "speed": 40,
   "timeOffset": 1,
   "states": [
         "state": "sensor.dht22_01_temperature",
         "measurement": "C"

Switch Off

   "state": "OFF"