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The Streaming System

For how the streaming system fits into the overall projects, look at the following diagram: TimVideos.US overall Diagram

Streaming Components

For how the streaming system overall looks at the following diagram; Streaming System overall Diagram

What is Tim Video's?

Tim Video's is a collection of tools for live streaming conferences and user groups. It includes both software and hardware for both the recording and viewing slides.

It has been used with conferences like PyCon US and and at user groups like Sydney Linux User Group and Sydney Python User Group.


  • website - The actual website people end up seeing/going too. Uses jwplayer and django. The website is split into two parts;

    • The frontend is the UI which provides the tool and feel of the system. This system is stateless and requires no databases.

    • The tracker is the backend which keeps track of stats about the system. It is only accessed through a JSON API.

  • tools - Mish mash of parts of the streaming system.

    • flumotion, flumotion-ugly and flumotion-fragmented-streaming software which does the actual streaming.

    • flumotion-config - Example flumotion configuration files and some tools to push the configurations out to systems. Useful for conferences where you are managing a lot of encoders/collectors.

    • flumotion-extra - Website controller of flumotion (replaces the GTK tool).

    • portable - Code to deal with the portable "in a box" solution.

    • register - Tool which reports an encoder (and how many clients are using the encoder - for load balancing) to tracker website.

    • watchdog - Tool which restarts bad flumotion components and systems.

    • fluhelper - Rewrite of the register and watchdog tools into one unified system.

    • irclog2html - Scripts for converting irclogs into the HTML format needed by the website.

    • preview - Scripts for capturing preview images from the video streams.

    • setup - Set up a server with the timvideo tools. Really needs to be replaced with proper configuration management such as puppet or chef.

    • youtube - Upload recorded videos to YouTube channel.


Unless specified otherwise, code is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

This project makes extensive use of third party code from external projects. For this code either LICENSE of COPYING file in the top level directory or the file header for more information.

The website part of this system does use one non-free software component. jwplayer (found in website/frontend/static/third_party/jwplayer/) is under a CC-BY-NC 3.0 license. Work is underway to replace this dependency with a fully open solution, see Issue #60.

Related Projects


gst-switch is a project to replace the wonderful but aging dv-switch tool with a modern system based on top of gstreamer.


A HDMI stream capturing system which connects with PC and will appears as a video/web camera. Act as a passthru system.

Design to be a high definition, digital replacement for TwinPac.

Initial design is based on Digilent Atlys. Custom boards coming soon. alpha