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This section provides a list of the people that have contributed in some way to the creation of Blueprints.

  1. Marko A. Rodriguez — designed, developed, tested, and documented Blueprints.
  2. Luca Garulli — developed the OrientDB implementation (OrientGraph).
  3. Joshua Shinavier — developed Blueprints Sail (GraphSail).
  4. Darrick Weibe — tests, bug fixes, and transaction work.
  5. Stephen Mallette — develops RexsterGraph, the IO packages (i.e. GraphSON) and other components.
  6. Sergio Gómez Villamor — developed the Dex implementation (DexGraph).
  7. Pierre De Wilde — designs and tests new features.
  8. Ketrina Yim — designed the Blueprints logo.
  9. Matthias Broecheler — designed many of the TinkerPop 2 API changes.

Please review Blueprints’ pom.xml. Blueprints would not be possible without the work done by others to create these useful packages.

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