Framework canônico para aplicação do padrão Model View Presenter no Android
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AndroidMVP - info updated Mar 16, 2016 Update Mar 16, 2016


A Model View Presenter Library using plain and simple interfaces, based on concept from Dr. Douglas Schmidt

Attention: simple-mvp is still an experimental library created for education purposes.
Some methods and operations may change until its maturity.

Created by Tin Megali

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Quick install

  1. add build.gradle
    compile 'com.tinmegali.mvp:mvp:0.0.7'
  2. Create interfaces to communicate between MVP layers
    • interface RequiredViewOps extends ActivityView
      with VIEW methods to be accessed by PRESENTER
    • interface ProvidedPresenterOps extends PresenterOps
      Operations offered to VIEW to communicate with PRESENTER
    • interface RequiredPresenterOps
      with Required PRESENTER methods available to MODEL
    • interface ProvidedModelOps extends ModelOps
      Operations offered to MODEL to communicate with PRESENTER
  3. Implement MVP objects extending its generics
    • MODEL from Model View Presenter (MVP) pattern.
      class MODEL extends GenericModel implements MVP_MainActivity.ProvidedModelOps
    • 		<li>VIEW layer of MVP pattern <br/>
      				class VIEW_Activity extends GenericMVPActivity<MVP_MainActivity.RequiredViewOps,
                      implements MVP_MainActivity.RequiredViewOps
      			</code> <br />
      			<em>Could also extend <code>GenericMVPFragment</code></em>
      		<li>PRESENTER from Model View Presenter (MVP) Pattern. <br/>
      				class MainPresenter extends GenericPresenter<MVP_MainActivity.RequiredPresenterOps,
      					MVP_MainActivity.ProvidedModelOps, MVP_MainActivity.RequiredViewOps, MainModel>

Instalação rápida

  • Crie as interfaces de comunicação entre os módulos View, Presenter e Model
    1. interface RequiredViewOps fornece métodos para Presenter comunicar com View. É necessário extender ActivityView
    2. interface ProvidedPresenterOps fornece operações oferecidas ao layer View para comunicação com Presenter. É preciso extender PresenterOps
    3. interface RequiredPresenterOps operações oferecidas pelo layer Presenter para comunicações com Model
    4. interface ProvidedModelOps operações oferecidos pelo layer Model para comunicações com Presenter. É preciso extender ModelOps
  • Crie a classe Model extendendo GenericModel e implementando ProvidedModelOps ex: {@link com.tinmegali.androidmvp.main.model.MainModel}
  • Crie a classe Presenter extendendo GenericPresenter, implementando RequiredPresenterOps e ProvidedPresenterOps. exemplo: {@link com.tinmegali.androidmvp.main.presenter.MainPresenter}
  • Crie a classe View GenericMVPActivity ou GenericMVPFragment e implementando RequiredViewOps Exemplo: {@link com.tinmegali.androidmvp.main.view.MainActivity}
  • .

Android MVP Class Diagram