A test runner for jsUnity.
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jsUnityRunner : An asynchronous test runner for jsUnity.

Check out the Wiki for detailed info and releases.

See the jsUnity Wiki as well for test helpers.
  jsUnity wiki: http://code.google.com/p/jsunity/w/list

--------- Notes

Currently being developed and tested in Chrome but should run fine in other browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc), no IE yet.
But! Universal support (as per the jsUnity way) will be a definite goal. Plus jsunity has a Rhino runner already.

--------- Getting Started

Test Suite objects are specified in "tests/tests.json" and picked up on load. You define a test method by prefixing the function with "test_".

-- DOM content
Stored by default in "tests/markup.html"

-- Examples
See the examples folder for creating various test suites including asynchronous tests.

-- Customizing Test Configurations
Check out "app/config.js" for more options such as changing test suite and markup file locations.

-- tearDowns and setUps
The "setUpSuite" and "tearDownSuite" methods are called before and after each suite. 

The "setUp" and "tearDown" methods are called before and after each test in a suite.

-- other properties

The "category: ''" property specifies and optional category to be tagged to the suite.

You can reset your markup each suite by setting "resetMarkup: true" in your suite object. 
If false it will be loaded once.

--------- tests.json

In your tests.json you can specify multiple test, script and stylesheet files to include in the runner.

  "tests": [] 
  "scripts": []
  "styles": []

--------- Attributions

The MIT License

Copyright (c) 2010 all contributors:

Brent Lintner
Dan Silivestru

-- Other References

jsUnityRunner makes use of the following third party resources. (kudos)
(See thirdparty/ files for license declaration.)

--> jsUnity : Universal JavaScript Testing Framework (http://github.com/atesgoral/jsunity)
--> jQuery JavaScript Library (http://github.com/jquery/jquery)