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Artisanal Titan

This repo is for experimenting with "hand-compiled" Titan programs so we can decide how the code generation should look like before actually implementing the code generator.

It also includes a patched version of Lua.5.3.4 that has been modified to expose the internal data structures and functions that we will need to access.

How to run

  • Build the patched version of Lua in the "lua" folder.
  • cd into the examples folder
  • Run the makefile
  • Run the test_*.lua scripts using the patched Lua. These scripts receive two arguments: the type of test to run ("Lua" or "Typed") and the size of the test instance.

Included functions

I started with the simplest functions. The plan is to move on to more advanced language features later.


This function is as simple as it gets, just a litle loop of integer arithmetic operations. I would expect this to be the highest speedup we will get.

In addition to the plain Lua version and the typed Titan version I also made a dynamically-typed titan versino to check what speedup we get just removing the interpreter overhead.


I made this function to check if I wasn't doing anything really stupid regarding the garbage collection.


This is a sligthly less trivial program that does lots of reading and writing to a typed away. I think it is a good test for data structure performance in Titan.


Another nice little function that does a lot of reading and writing to typed arrays.