Tools to convert the DokuWiki syntax to Markdown syntax.
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DokuWiki to Markdown Converter


Tools to convert the DokuWiki syntax to Markdown syntax.
Please note it has some specific Liquibase regular expressions in scripts/DocuwikiToMarkdownExtra.php.


Fix the following conversion inconsistencies

<del> is replaced by `<del>`. It should re replaced by <strike> - without the `` wrap
\\ should be replaced by 4 spaces and a line break
Links should be encapsulated by <>
bullets (like * or -) should have no spaces in front of them, and only one after

Convert single files

Place a file in the input dir, and run:
php convert.php input/myfile.txt

This will convert your file, and place a next to your file.

Advanced usage (not yet tested)

Import an entire wiki

scp -P 2222 -r <username>@myserver:/sites/mysite/www/assets/data/pages/* input/

Convert to Markdown files

cd scripts
php Translate.php ../input <../output> < template.txt>

../output - if output is not supplied it will print the conversion to stdout.

template.txt - at the moment it only prepends the content of the template to each file it converts.


This project was forked from the SilverStripe Documentation Restructuring Project and was edited to add some extra functionality by ludoza.
It has subsequently been forked from ludoza's fork with the aim of creating a common way to export dokuwiki files to markdown (which is what we need in our 2013 restructuring here at