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Explain caching better in #114

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## Caching
To enable caching simply pass `{ cache: true }`. Engines _may_ use this option to cache things reading the file contents, compiled `Function`s etc. Engines which do _not_ support this may simply ignore it. All engines that consolidate.js implements I/O for will cache the file contents, ideal for production environments.
-var cons = require('consolidate');
-cons.swig('views/page.html', { user: 'tobi' }, function(err, html){
- if (err) throw err;
- console.log(html);
+ When using consolidate directly: `cons.swig('views/page.html', { user: 'tobi', cache:true },callback);`
+ Using Express 3 or higher: `app.locals.cache = true` or set NODE_ENV to 'production' and Express will do this for you.
## Express 3.x example
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