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Error installing new Node version on OSX #112

dangerbell opened this Issue · 1 comment

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I just installed 'n' using npm (npm install n -g) which worked. I then went to install the latest stable release of Node and it downloaded and compiled fine, but then stopped when copying from /usr/local/n/versions/0.10.4/include/node. I got the same error if I specified '0.10.4' instead of 'stable' and the same error for '0.10.3'.

I was able to install 0.8.23, but that also seemed to end with a different error:

cp: cannot overwrite directory ./wafadmin with non-directory /usr/local/lib/node//wafadmin

(Note the double slashes before 'wafadmin')

But in the 0.8.23 case node --version gives me v0.8.23 so it seems to have mostly worked.


original installed version of node: 0.8.17
npm: 1.2.10
n: 0.7.3
OSX: 10.8.2

geting same error on gentoo.

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