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Library for scraping data from (use responsibly!)
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Library for scraping data (please use responsibly)


Get the total miles for all activities in March, 2012 for user 'timharvey':

Runkeeper.monthly_miles('timharvey', 2012, 3) # => 141.56

Get information about a specific activity:

activity ='/user/timharvey/activity/68786033')
activity.miles           # => 9.89
activity.started_at.to_s # => '2012-01-30T17:21:55+00:00'
activity.number          # => '68786033'


This code is Uncopyrighted. Its author, Tim Harvey, has released all claims on copyright and has put all the content of this code into the public domain.

No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this code repository. Credit is appreciated but not required.

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