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TL-Schema Explorer

An AngularJS app to search and view the Telegram API TL-schema in a beautiful way.


  • Search and view TL-schema constructors, types, and methods
  • Community-driven documentation
  • Easy testing of constructors and methods with the playground
  • Easy access to schema.json and
  • Always up-to-date


Search is blazing fast since everything is local.


You can use the playground on constructor and method pages to easily test the API with Telegram for Devs.

Updating the Schema

There's a bot that checks for schema updates twice a day and submits a PR updating the schema in this repo. Neat!

If you find that the schema is out-of-date (check here), you can submit a PR if I don't update it in a timely manner (I don't monitor it 24/7!):

  1. Update the SCHEMA_GLOBAL and LAYER_NUMBER in js/schema.js.
  2. Replace resources/schema.json with the current schema in JSON format (prettify it, pretty please).
  3. Replace resources/ with the current schema in Type-Language format.
  4. Update the layer number in index.html.

That's it. Submit your PR and I'll accept it ASAP.


Anyone in the community can add documentation to constructors or methods. To do so, click the "Help document this method" button, make your changes, and submit a pull request. Simple as that!

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