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Compass H5bp

This is a Compass extension of Html5 mixins extracted from v4 of Html5 Boilerplate. This gem provides only the CSS mixins and not the html or javascript templates. This makes sense because any implementation of Html5 Boilerplate should be specific to the language and framework it's built on.

Browse for the full workup.

Or, you can read more about compass extensions here.


gem install compass-h5bp

Or, in your Gemfile

gem 'compass-h5bp'

Then run

$ bundle install


Inside your Scss (or Sass) file, you first need to import the h5bp compass library before you can use any of the mixins:

@import "h5bp";

Then include the mixins that make up the Normalize portion of Html5 Boilerplate's styles.

You can include all of Normalize at once:

@include h5bp-normalize;

Or pull in only the portions of Normalize you want:

@include h5bp-display;
@include h5bp-base;
@include h5bp-links;
@include h5bp-typography;
@include h5bp-lists;
@include h5bp-embeds;
@include h5bp-figures;
@include h5bp-forms;
@include h5bp-tables;

Next you can include the opinionated default base styles:

@include h5bp-base-styles;

You can include the default Html5 Boilerplate Chrome Frame notification styling:

@include h5bp-chromeframe;

Now you can define your own custom CSS here.

Then (optionally) let H5bp define some semantic helper classes. (e.g. .clearfix):

@include h5bp-helpers;

Finally, you can include H5bp's predefined print style media query:

@include h5bp-media;


HTML5 Boilerplate created by by Paul Irish and Divya Manian

Copyright (c) 2012 Peter Gumeson See LICENSE for full license.