Demo of loading view fragments from db with Thymeleaf
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Demo of loading view fragments from db with Thymeleaf and Spring MVC. You can find more details in the article on my blog.

Building and running

It's a Maven project. After building it, you'll find an executable jar in the target directory. Just run it with java -jar th-db-view.jar. It will start an embedded server with an in-memory database.

Then enter this URL in your browser:


and you will see a boring greetings page. The interesting stuff is that you can add a new template to change the view. In order to do that, POST the new template content:

curl http://localhost:8080/templates -d '<strong th:inline="text">something new, [[${name}]]!</strong>'

and check the hello page again. You should see the updated view. It's a very simple example, but the bottom line is that the template can use all the features of Thymeleaf.