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Spaced Repetition

Thomas Kainrad edited this page Nov 16, 2021 · 6 revisions

Spaced repetition is a proven system that maximizes the learning efficiency. Most importantly, the system makes sure that you don't forget what you have already learned.

The KeyCombiner Algorithm

KeyCombiner's spaced repetition system is tailored to learning keyboard shortcuts and short text snippets. It makes use of each combination's Confidence Value to know which combinations you have already learned well, and which ones still need some more practice.

To determine the review delay for each combination, the algorithm first looks at the last training run for that combination. If it has been typed wrong more often than correct during that run, it will be included for review again on the following day (Delay 1), no matter the confidence value.

If the combination has been typed correctly more often than wrong during that run, the algorithm looks at the confidence value and calculates the review delay as follows:

Confidence Review Delay
< 1 1 day
>= 1 && <= 2 4 days
> 2 && <= 5 16 days
> 5 32 days

This means that the delay doesn't increase further once a combination has reached confidence greater than 5. In a traditional flashcard system, this might be annoying, as you have to read potentially long questions and then have to manually decide how well you could recall the answer. With KeyCombiner's interactive trainer, this is not the case. You can easily type dozens of mastered combinations in less than a minute. In our experience, retyping well-learned combinations from time to time is fun rather than annoying. We are even thinking about settings options that allow showing more mastered combinations each day.

Important Details

  • If you have combinations that you do not want to practice because you keep them only as a reference or for instant lookup, you can exclude them from being considered by the spaced repetition algorithm. To do this, go to Settings->Review Settings.
  • KeyCombiner includes all your personal combinations and combinations from lessons you are enrolled in for spaced-repetition-based review.
  • New combinations are only included for the first review each day. If you want to practice more new combinations on a given day, just enroll in new lessons or practice them directly from your collections.
  • The spaced repetition schedule takes all practice runs into account. This means that if you practiced a combination outside of a spaced repetition review, the review delay will still be reset. It is perfectly fine and even recommended to mix up regular practice runs with spaced repetition reviews.